Day Christensen Singapore 2020

Day Christensen Singapore 2020

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These workshops will be held at THE YOGA SPACE.
Yoga Mat will be provided and shower facilities are available.
Please bring your own towel. (Available for rent at $1 each)

Daily Morning Practice: THE METHOD (all levels welcome)
16 Apr, Thursday: 7.00 am- 9.00 am
17 Apr, Friday: 7.00 am- 9.00 am
18 Apr, Saturday: 8.30 am-10.30 am
19 Apr, Sunday: 8.30 am- 10.30 am
20 Apr Monday: 7.00 am - 9.00 am

The @DAY1YOGA Method is taught within the same framework as the traditional Mysore style, meaning that there is one on one instruction and guidance, minus the strict, dogmatic adherence to the Ashtanga sequencing, but rather a practice that utilizes postural assessments and accommodates to each individual student’s particular set of needs, injuries, and biases. Considerations and teaching will include short sequences of asanas; overviews for understanding why postural assessment is so vital for a healthy, safe and enduring yoga practice; anatomical explanations on functional movement within the yoga practice; optional therapeutic sequences for both mobility and strength.


16 April, Thursday
6.30 pm-9.00 pm: Functional Movement of the Pelvis and Spine
This seminar will cover areas related to muscles and muscles contractions, posture and postural problems specifically related to the Sagittal Plane (forward and backward movement, or flexion and extension), and will provide practical advice towards using your yoga practice to create balance, neutrality, and a pain-free life

17 April, Friday
6.30 pm-9 pm: Functional Movement of the Hips
This workshop will navigate a path to understanding how and why some muscles are incredibly, often painfully tight while others are super weak, how that differential affects posture, and the movements of the hip and how to use your yoga practice to develop balance rather than exacerbate problems in the physical body.

18 April, Saturday
1.00 - 3.30 pm: Functional Movement of the Scapula
This seminar will cover a foundation for understanding scapular movement and how to use it in a way that creates both stability and strength in static poses and dynamic movement

18 April, Saturday
4:00 - 6:30 pm: Applied Anatomy in Backbending
This Workshop will provide both explanation and simple yet effective exercises that apply the lessons from the three functional Movement modules. The emphasis will be on the development of strength and stability, in poses that are often associated with flexibility. No you do not need to be flexible for backbends. In fact, sometimes it’s better if you are not. Curious? The exercises will show you why and exactly how you can find a lifelong sustainable relationship with these often seemingly difficult postures.

19 April, Sunday
1.00 - 3.30 pm: Jumping, Lifting, Floating, Flying
This workshop is meant to understand scapular movement and how to use it in a way that creates both stability and strength in static poses and dynamic movement. we will work through the main obstacles or “hidden locks” that prevent students from experiencing the lightness, grace and strength of a master. we will work on various techniques for jump throughs and jump backs, headstands, forearm stands, and handstands, and more. this will be a fun, light-hearted class with lots of room for exploration, hands-on adjustments, and questions.

19 April, Sunday
4.00- 6:30 pm: Drills for Strength in Handstanding and Arm Balancing

This workshop is meant to explore ways to explore and refine the yoga practitioner’s skills in the art of arm balancing and handstanding. we will work our way from some of the simple lifts and transitions of ashtanga’s primary series, play with increasing levels of difficulty in some second series arm balances and finally touch on the demanding and powerful balances of the third series. understanding shoulder position and stability is a natural complement to achieving some of the more advanced arm balancing postures of the third series. shoulder positions, a mobile spine and pelvis that forward bending and side bending require will be serve as the tools for take-off. this will be a fun, light-hearted class with lots of room for exploration, hands-on adjustments, and questions.

**Slots are transferable but not refundable

The discounted package of all 6 workshops must be attended by the same person. If any workshop is to be transferred to someone else, all 6 workshops must be topped up to the original price.

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