Mobility Fundamentals Workshop

Mobility Fundamentals Workshop

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Mobility Fundamentals Workshop ( Open to Public )

Date: 23 Feb 2020, Sunday
Time: 2.30- 4.30 pm
Location: Yoga Inc Guillemard
Fees: $55 or 3 regular class credits

Functional mobility is receiving lots of mention and attention these days.
What do these words even mean?
Functional mobility is the ability of person to move around in everyday activities and doing daily tasks. Eg. Can you walk up and down stairs without feeling knee pain? Can you lift your arms up to reach for an item on a high shelf without shoulder pain? Can you squat with heels on ground with no pain in the knee or ankles?

Many people turn to yoga to help with pain management and it is effective to a certain degree. However yoga poses are not specific enough to train full joint range and control.

Have you ever stretched a lot and still ‘feel’ tight? Or have you tried stretching and still that niggling pain is not gone.
It may mean you have a mobility restriction or weakness and can’t just stretch out of it. Here’s where functional training helps.

This workshop is all about the bare basics of functional mobility training based on the Functional Range Conditioning system. We will explore joint training and control. Learn about active and passive range of control.

Christine is Functional Range Conditioning trained and will be guiding you through a Controlled Articular Rotation (CARs) routine for all your body joints.

The major benefit of this easy to follow routine is enhanced usable range of movement and mitigation of injuries and pain.

She will also guide you through a short routine to improve the movement range of shoulders and hips.

Beginners are welcome!

    Booking upon payment. To book using your class credits, please send an email to

    Slots are transferable but not refundable

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