Skill In Action - Yoga Immersion Series by Christine

Skill In Action - Yoga Immersion Series by Christine

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Unlock the Power of Alignment! 🌟

Join us for Skill In Action - Yoga Immersion Series with Christine Toong, as we delve into the Biomechanical Principles of Alignment, commencing May 1st, 2024. Open to all, this immersive experience offers a chance to deepen your practice alongside our YTT trainees. Discover the transformative power of alignment, connect with our vibrant community, and elevate your practice together!

Dates : May 1, 12, 19, 22, 26

Fees : $90 per session
Venue : ECP Outlet

1st May : Foundation and Breath
Pose exploration: high lunges, downward dog, plank, warrior poses, cobra, single leg poses, side plank
No one pose suits all. We shall be working on how to ground the hands and feet, stack the joints to hold poses with steadiness. Distance for the hands and feet in poses - who takes a wider stance, who takes a smaller stance

12th May : Muscular Energy
Pose exploration: Chair pose, basic standing poses eg triangle and reverse triangle pose, Plank pose, crow pose, side plank, boat pose, introduction to handstand (walking up the wall)
Wrist conditioning, shoulder positions and engagement needed for different arm balances. How to start building strength to be steady in arm balances
Leg strength especially areas around the knee for better steadiness in standing poses

19th May : Hips Internal Rotation
Pose exploration: Compass, Bird of Paradise, Firefly
Specially for those who experience limitation is their hips and hamstrings, learn to unlock the hips to step into intermediate level poses

22nd May : Hips External Rotation
Pose exploration : Pigeon pose, foot to armpit, lotus, yogidandasana arm balances
Explore the power of the glutes to help open up the hips
Mini therapeutics on hamstring pulls and recovery within the scope of the yoga practice

26th May : Backbends
Pose exploration : wheel pose, lunges, King arthur pose, puppy pose, shoulder openers and stabilizer
Essential backbend class with plenty to take away from. Core for backbending and how not to dump into lower back. Spine and shoulder mobility drills. Leg strength for standing backbends

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