Tin Senesi Singapore 2020

Tin Senesi Singapore 2020

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*Early Bird Discount ends 4 March 2020

These workshops will be held at THE YOGA SPACE.
Yoga Mat will be provided and shower facilities are available.
Please bring your own towel. (Available for rent at $1 each)

04 April, Saturday
10 am-12 pm:
The Key to Prana
Opening the Chest and Shoulders
This class will introduce the anatomy of the subtle body, and leave you with a deeper understanding of how improving the alignment of your poses will help improve the flow of energy. This 2-hour class will start with an invigorating practice, then breakdown some of the key poses for opening the chest and shoulders, and end with a pranayama practice that will connect us to the opening of the heart by freeing up restriction for the lungs and ribcage. You will learn important techniques every yogi should be incorporating into their regular practice. These techniques aren’t part of the Vinyasa yoga catalogue of poses, and will be introduced with demonstration and explanation of their effectiveness.

04 April, Saturday
12.30 pm -2:30 pm:
​Cultivating Inner Awareness through Backbends & Inversions
We spend most of our time identified with what the eyes can see. By becoming more aware of the back body we gain insight and depth into our movement and further enhance the inward journey. Eventually, we develop a practiced rooted inward. Inversions will help us to address commonly held misconceptions or fears that prevent us from flowering into the highest self. When we become aware of the more subtle aspects of posture we gain new insight into the practice and unlock hidden potential in the body. ​

05 April, Sunday
10 am-12 pm
Bandha, Forward Bends & Floating
Arm balances are such a beautiful expression of strength, flexibility and freedom in the body. They instil a sense of inner strength and confidence. By creating a sense of elasticity in the spine through forward bends, and by mastering bandha, the arm balances will feel like less of a struggle and more of an expression of our inner freedom.


**Slots are transferable but not refundable

The discounted package of all 3 workshops must be attended by the same person. If any workshop is to be transferred to someone else, all 3 workshops must be topped up to the original price.

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